Find Out Why a Waterbed Mattress Could Be the Best Mattress You Ever Bought

There are some obvious advantages that come to mind when most people think about a waterbed mattress, but the newer models that are now being sold have added benefits that not everyone is aware of. It used to be that waterbeds were known for their free flowing nature, but now they can be any firmness that you prefer or completely waveless altogether. What are the other benefits that a more modern waterbed can offer that weren't available years ago?

Part of the allure of a water mattress is slipping between the sheets on a cold night and finding your sheets already warm and ready for deep, restful sleep. Other features that have always benefited waterbed owners are long lasting mattresses that live on for well over ten years and non-allergenic materials that are easy to keep clean.

Yet, today's water bed mattresses go above and beyond those perks. While free flowing mattresses are still sold, the majority of the waterbeds sold now are semi-waveless. A layer of fiber is inserted inside the mattress, with the thicker layers producing a firmer feel to the mattress top. Some top brands are even inserting fiber layers in strategic places to provide extra lumbar support.

The technology that allows these fiber layers inside the mattress allow you to pick how firm you want your mattress to be; just as you would with a regular spring mattress. There are even models now that allow you to fill up coil inserts with as much or as little water as you want, thus changing the firmness of your mattress (or just sections of it) from your own bathroom faucet.

Some of the best mattresses on the market right now include Strobel, Sterling, and Boyd waterbed mattresses. From heated Silvano to not worrying about dust mites and other bed bugs, there are so many perks to owning a waterbed that it is a wonder one is not found within every home in the country.

Purchasing a waterbed mattress is much like purchasing any other type of mattress. You still have to consider the level of firmness and the quality of the materials, but you also get to enjoy the sensuous feel of sleeping on water. Even if you have back or hip issues, there are waterbeds on the market that are designed for your ultimate comfort. Just like buying any bed, it is important to do your research and find the best mattress for your sleep needs.
29.05.2018 21:35:57

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